Here at AZ Team, we believe in the importance of giving back. Our team constantly looks for an opportunity to make a difference in our community. For third year in a row, the AZ Team reached out to local charities and contributed by raising funds to help those in need. Some of these charities contribute in a larger scale to our society and even connect with international organizations. This means our contributions go a long way!

The first year we had the “Cornhole for a Cause” fundraising event, we involved the ASU cheer team. The second year, we involved local businesses. This year, due to our own growth, we had our entire team along with their friends and family participating.

The “Cornhole for a Cause” fundraising tournament took place this past Thursday, August 7th at Boondock’s Bar & Grill. The initial fundraising goal was to collect $1,000 dollars to provide to local charities. The team was able to enjoy a great night of fun and games while helping raise money for a great cause.

At AZ Team, personal growth is a huge focus. We know that giving our time, resources and energy back to those who are less fortunate allows for great personal development. This is why the AZ team makes sure to spend time giving back to the community.

At the end of the night, the tournament was a huge success! We were able to raise a total of $1,500. Everyone in our team was extremely happy for exceeding the goal. We also want to thank Boondock’s Bar and Grill for donating an additional $50 that was provided to the winner of the cornhole tournament. This allowed us to donate %100 of the money raised!

This is our third year doing this kind of fundraising event and this is the year we raised the most money! We are excited for future opportunities and look forward to continue giving back to our community.

-AZ Team

AZ Team- Cornhole for a cause

AZ Team- Cornhole for a cause

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We all have heard that in order to succeed you need to have the right attitude. But what exactly do they mean? Is there such a thing as causing your own failure?

Well, when asked these questions, it made us want to dig in dipper and get a clear answer. What did we find? It is true! No matter what the situation is, your attitude has the “ability” to turn anything into something good or something bad. It all depends on the way you look at it!

One example of this whenever we make a mistake or fail at something you worked for. You could stop everything you are doing and….

1)     Get discouraged and think to yourself “why did I try so hard on this anyway? It is not worth trying…blah..blah..


2)    Analyze the mistake made, try to figure out what went wrong, learn from it, adjust your strategy and try it one more time thinking this time it could really work!

We noticed that in many different circumstances what someone once thought it was bad, all of a sudden it may be good, or it could be the other way around. Some say coffee is good for you, some say it is not good. Some say “stress” is bad for you, some other say stress is actually good since it keeps you working towards your goals.  Some say milk is good for your bones, some say it is not so good for your health… The point is…you can look at the same thing and have two reactions; you will either think positive and embrace the learning or you could dwell on it and focus on why it was not worth it.

As Charles R. Swindoll stated, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” So , regardless of the circumstances you are facing, focus on the good and eventually success will follow.

Now it is our turn to ask you, do you think your attitude is sabotaging your success? It’s your call.

-AZ Team

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